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About us

Powered by Global Education Platform, Live, Love, and give is a non for profit organisation. It's important to give back. With an office in Sri Lanka, Global Education Platform benefits daily from the skills and capabilities of its employees. In addition to offering fair compensation and pay, GEP is also keen on aiding the communities its employees come from.

Live, Love and Give

Key Objectives

The beginners’ introductory course has one hour of coaching and an hour of
practice in the morning with an extremely nominal

To identify less fortunate members of society, orphaned and homeless youth, women, and children and contribute towards improving and empowering their way of life.

To conduct projects and programs on awareness to maintain a higher level of public health and sanitation.

Providing career guidance and training facilities for school leavers and adults in Arts, Sciences, and Music.

Providing a stress-free lifestyle by solving day-to-day social problems through Peace and Advisory Councils & Instituting welfare measures for ensuring protection against hazards and natural disasters.

Providing medical facilities, guidance, and consultations to help children with autism, down syndrome, cancer, or any other illness.

Project Navodaya

 School for the specially able children, Navodhaya caught our hearts from our first visit. Navodhaya operates on donations and aims to train and educate its students to be independent individuals in society. It provides speech therapy and various other exercises to its specially-abled students. Live, Love, and Give to proud to have organised many events for potential donors to connect with students and have also donated to the school themselves.

Project Rebuild

Located in _, Sri Lanka, the Boys Development Centre is a school for male students who have unfortunately experienced abuse at a young age. Live Love and Give is pleased to have been able to make a donation to the centre and is working towards implementing a vocational training programme for the students.

Project Relief

Following the covid pandemic, Sri Lanka is currently facing the worst economic crisis in its history. With rapid rates of inflation, the local communities are struggling to cover their basic necessities. Along with donations from GEP and other donors, Live, Love and Give was able to provide 400+ lunch packs to the most vulnerable communities in Colombo, Sri Lanka.