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Study Abroad Options for your Higher Education

UK, Canada, USA

GEP has partnered with leading higher education institutes and recognised universities from UK, USA and Canada to offer students alternative and viable entry routes compared to the traditional study abroad options. With GEP, students also have the opportunity to directly enrol in selected university courses and study online if necessary.

Partner Guide

Amplify, Connect & Grow with GEP.

At GEP, we are committed to our partners’ success and growth and look for that same commitment back from our partners. We understand that there are many educational institutes for you to partner with. That is why we have put together a helpful guide for you to understand our business and why you should consider becoming a business partner with us.

Study abroad
in Canada

Explore the opportunity of studying a Co-op in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

CO-OP, short for cooperative education, is a program that helps learners develop and perfect professional skills. CO-OP programs offers a balance of classroom theory with hands-on work experience. Learn about the various Co-op programmes available to you, the benefits it carriers and how you can enrol and study abroad. 

Pathways to your future

Co-Op Programmes in Canada

Located in downtown Vancouver, Cloud Nine
College (CNC) is characterized by its high
academic standards and for hosting a wide
variety of international students that year
after year select CNC as the institution to
build pathways to their future.

FAQ & Helping Guide

Co-Op Programmes in Canada

What is Co-Op programme ?
Co-Op programs are 1 year programmes that has been designed by Canadian authority to provide students the necessary industrial studying and training experience in Canada. A student would study for 6 months and industrial training placements will be done for 6 months.

Most in Demand Courses

Learn about the courses which would be in-demand as the world rings in the New Year

Migrate to Malta

Why Choose Malta?
Maltese education system is similar to the UK standard. The average cost of living is cheaper in Malta compared to other European countries. Estimated monthly cost in Malta is GBP 700 per month (This includes accommodation, food,transport and communication)

FAQ Booklet

The purpose of this FAQ booklet is to provide information on frequent questions or concerns

Who is eligible to enroll for an online course?

The eligibility to enroll for a course is determined by each university. And this diers according to university recruitment regulations.

Student & Tutor Support Booklet

This document illustrates the tutor support process Global Education Platform follows in providing a superlative tutor service to the students aiding them to successfully complete their programmes in achieving the dreams that they have aimed for.

This document will demonstrate the tutoring process in detail, focusing towards the different sections of the tutoring plan. The enlightenment is provided from the time of the student registration till the successful certification. Teaching and tutoring support that is provided to the students by GEP and its tutor panel will be demonstrated in this document. Email samples are shown for better understanding of the communications the student & tutor support team have with its learners.

Canvas Learning Platfrom Guide

Canvas is a course management system that supports online learning and teaching. It allows professors to post grades, information, and assignments online

Canvas is built to make teaching and learning easier for everyone, from the littlest learners to college faculty to business leaders. Learn more about how Canvas works with your institution.

Fees and Payment Policy

Once registered with Global Education Platform (GEP), all students, regardless of funding source and fee status, are liable for their fees for the relevant diploma or degree course. Self-funded students are required to pay fees in the provided instalment deadlines, approved by the authorized personal from GEP.

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