With a spin off from the all-time favorite board game ‘snakes and ladders’, GEP’s quiz night will give you the chance to re live those nostalgic childhood memories.

But here’s the catch: Every time you don’t land on a snake or ladder, you’ll be challenged with a question. Do you have what it takes to dodge the snakes as well as a tough question? Well let’s find out!

DATE: 29th September 2022
TIME: 6.00 pm
VENUE: RedDwarf  located in The Irish Bar & Grill

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63 Park St, Colombo 02

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Game Rules

  1. Must roll a 1 or 6 on the dice to start the game
  2. If a team fails to get a 6 or 1 they will be automatically be admitted to the game after 2 dice rolls.
  3. You move up the space that’s indicated on the dice for your first turn. ( 1 or 6)
  4. Based on the number rolled on the dice, you’ll land on a snake, ladder or a category box.
  5. If you land on a category box you have to pick a question relating to that category and answer it accordingly.
  6. If you fail to answer the question you go back 3 spaces and remain on the space you land. ( The questions, snakes or ladders wont be applicable in this instance)
  7. If you succeed at answering the question you remain in your spot.
    You can’t roll twice if you land on a 1 or 6
  8. Once you reach the end, the exact number needed must be rolled on the dice to enter the final box.
  9. The first team to enter the final box, wins the game.


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Quiz Night Online Registration - As a Team
Team names will be allocated at the quiz night. We will be in contact with the team leader.
Quiz Night Online Registration - As a Viewer

GEP Quiz NIght - July 2022

The inaugural quiz night of GEP was held on the 12th of July 2022, with the objective of increasing the engagement in the local community through public gatherings, explaining our innovative learning methods here at GEP. Furthermore, GEP joined hands with few local entrepreneurs in supporting them during the crisis period in Sri Lanka.