Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA)

Awarded by International American University

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) aims to provide the student an opportunity to further enhance their business acumen by tying academic concepts to practical applications relevant to current real-world business challenges. The combination of analytical, quantitative, and strategic skills gained through the program provides a foundation from which multiple professional opportunities can be pursued. The program is designed to serve the needs of both fully employed and full-time students.

Official Recognition of Validity : International American University (IAU)
Intake Dates: March, July, November
Total credits at the completion of the programme: 120 units

Entry Requirements

Option 1: Normal Entry Mode
(a) High School Certificate/Diploma
(b) Proof of proficiency in the English language
(c)Successful completion of

Level 03 Diploma in Business Management

Level 04 Diploma in Business Management

Level 05 Diploma in Business Management

Level 06 Diploma in Business Management

(d ) CV or Resume Option 2

Document Checklist

1. Application Form (must be signed & dated) – Please click here
2. Copies of certificates and transcripts attained mentioned above
3. Clear valid passport copy
4. Signed payment plan
5. Detailed copy of the CV
6. Proof of registration fee


Semester 1- Term 01 (3 Months)

  • Business Maths- 3 units
  • Financial Accounting – 3 units
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics- 3 units

Semester 1- Term 02 (3 Months)

  • Money and Banking – 3 units
  • Cost Accounting- 3 units
  • Marketing Research – 3 units

Semester 02- Term 01 (3 Months)

  • Principles of Managerial Accounting- 3 units
  • Financial Statement Analysis- 3 units
  • Moderation and Final Results – 3 units

Semester 02- Term 02 (3 Months)
Internship- 3 units

Study Mode

In order to proceed towards the IAU BBA Top-Up, students should complete the relevant diploma programmes awarded by Concordia International University (CIU). These programmes would be delivered by an approved faculty at Global Education Platform (GEP)

Students to complete:

  • CIU Level 03 Diploma in Business Management
  • CIU Level 04 Diploma in Business Management
  • CIU Level 05 Diploma in Business Management
  • CIU Level 06 Diploma in Business Management

Upon the successful completion of the aforementioned diploma programmes, 90 credits would be exempted and the students would be eligible to complete their final year with IAU.

During the final year of their BBA Top-Up students will study 30 credits with IAU that is 10 courses. This option can happen via two delivery methods:

Delivery Method 01: Flexible-Distributed Learning

Students will study 30 credits that is 10 courses with IAU via distance learning. The courses would be delivered by the GEP faculty (approved by IAU) via IAU Online Platform (IAUonline).

Delivery Method 02: On-Campus

Students finish the respective diploma programmes & fly to the USA to study the final 30 credits, that is 10 courses at IAU, USA. Graduates of the programme would be eligible under the OPT- (Optional Practical Training) category to apply for a minimum 1-year work permit.


12 Months


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