360° Educational Solution Providers

GEP uses a global network along with a skilled team of education experts to provide solutions to diverse educational needs.

Study Abroad
Study Abroad Options

We offer viable routes for students seeking to complete their higher education abroad at an affordable cost and consultation support on the same.

Study Online
Study Online Options

We offer a wide range of university programmes online and students also have the option to complete the first 2 years online and the final year on-campus.

One on One Tutoring Support
One on One Tutoring Support

As additional support to students, we offer a range of Academic and Tutoring services to help increase students’ academics.

E-learning Platform Development Support
E-learning Platform Development Support

As a pioneer in the online education industry we also provide education institutes the support and guidance they transition to modern day learning with E-learning platform development support.

Academic/ Non Academic Resource Development
Academic/ Non Academic Resource Development

With the assistance of our academic team, we develop various resource materials for education institutes and assist them in improving current materials as well

Networking and Business Development
Networking and Business Development

With the help of our global network we are able to provide support needed for education institutes towards success with our unique services.

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Take one step closer to achieving your educational Goals. Our experienced team of educators, our administrators and network of International Partners are here to help. Our job is to help you achieve your educational goals. To accomplish this, we rely on our two greatest assets: a dedicated, well-experienced team and our global network of educational partners.

Our Global Presence

We have been growing by building strong relationships and network building across the globe,
we are present in over 20 countries and hoping to reach 30 by the end of 2023.


A glance at GEP throughout the years.

Global presence in 25+ countries including leading countries such as UK, USA & Canada

More than 20+ globally recognized top ranked UK universities & awarding bodies

Academic and tutoring support provided for more than 20+ students from around the world

Programme partnerships with 6 leading education institutes for study abroad solutions

Successful recruitement of 300+ students to academic programmes in the span of 2 years

A global network of 80+ credible business partners both domestic & international

We understand what it takes for you to have that dream qualification on your resume, we value each of your time, effort and the price you pay to achieve that; that is why we don’t provide what is already available but what best fits your need and passion.

Resource Hub

A resource center of helpful tools, samples, news and trends on important topics.